We are a new lab and are actively looking for enthusiastic researchers at all levels, including undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral. Research topics include understanding and controlling the sense of touch, tactile perception, mechanobiology, graphene strain sensing, wearable devices, soft matter mechanics, and fluid dynamics.

We are committed to hiring a lab with diversity in representation and experiences. Underrepresented groups, including economic, social, cultural, or gender, are especially encouraged to apply.

Undergraduate Students: Please contact Prof. Charles Dhong directly at cdhong(at)udel(dot)edu, including your transcript, resume, and a cover letter outlining your interests in the lab.

Prospective Graduate Students: Apply directly to the Material Science and Engineering program or the Biomedical Engineering program. Please reach out if you have specific interests in our work.

Postdocs: We are not looking for postdocs at this time.